Intervention Workover Control Systems



Proserv’s IWOCS offers our clients the opportunity to have a fully independent service solution.

IWOCS are Proserv’s business and we pride ourselves in offering clients the most experienced team who have worked on every type of system configuration in every part of the world.

Our highly experienced offshore service personnel deliver IWOCS solutions built to exact client specifications and requirements, offering a full range of equipment functionality for our clients dependant on the field’s requirements.

Systems can be surface operated and integrated with a wide variety of subsea christmas trees, landing strings and subsea control systems

  • For operations in water depths from 153m (500ft) down to 3,000m
  • Deployment of equipment and manpower within a 48-hour period
  • IWOCS operations and aftermarket service available via our global dedicated centres
  • Servicing of client owned IWOCS
  • Design and build of integrated early production systems
  • Design and build of multiplexed systems for deepwater applications
  • Can be integrated into different types of workover scenarios and with third party equipment
  • Fully interchangeable and can be integrated to suit all subsea trees or subsea intervention systems
  • Custom capabilities and systems are also offered

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