Survey services

Survey services


Proserv’s survey and positioning services supports life of field operations from drilling to production to decommissioning.

We understand the impact water depth has on project planning and equipment selection and adapt our survey methodology accordingly. We also have the expertise to operate the complex systems required to survey and position accurately at great depth.

Whether you require survey support pre-engineering seabed surveys, structural and pipeline inspections, heavy lifts or umbilical installation, we have the people, equipment and experience to ensure complete project delivery.

Proserv’s survey services team have

  • No contractual vessel downtime in the last four years alone
  • Zero lost time incidents (LTI) in more than six years of operation
  • Completed projects in water depths from 15 metres to 3,000 metres


With an experienced team of onshore and offshore survey personnel we provide a comprehensive range of survey capabilities ranging from onshore bid support and project planning through to supply of final survey and positioning deliverables.

We are committed to using in-house personnel on all projects. From planning and preparation through to operations and remobilization and close out, we have experts on hand to cover all aspects of service, every step of the way.


We own a large volume of survey equipment which makes up the majority of equipment needed to support client operations. Based on each project’s requirements, we will source and mobilise any required additional equipment from our selected range of high quality rental partners.


We use and support a range of survey and positioning systems, including both our own and industry standard 3rd party systems. These include:

  • Onshore planning and project management of survey and positioning activities
  • Vessel mobilisation and survey sensor calibrations
  • Multibeam Echosounder seabed survey and mapping
  • Structure installation positioning
  • Pipeline and umbilical installation surveys
  • Spool piece metrology
  • Trenching survey support
  • Delivery of final documentation, data processing and data management
  • Subcontractor scope definition and management
  • Consultancy services


Ingenious Simplicity

It’s not just our company tag-line, it is an ethos embedded into everything we do and stand for.