“Being “OEM agnostic” (able to service any original equipment manufacturer’s kit) and having a manufacturing capability just up the road in Dubai has given us the necessary bandwidth of capability to reassure customers that if we can’t fix a chronic problem on a piece of equipment – we’ll actually build them a new one. That agility and flexibility is vital for any service company to gain the trust of operators as they know you always have a plan B or C.” John Bright and Angus Rodger, Proserv

In the current Pipeline Oil & Gas News, the Dubai based publication includes a multi-page feature from our Abu Dhabi service team, authored by John Bright, Director, ADNOC Operations and Angus Rodger, GM, Abu Dhabi.

The thought leader examines current service expectations in the Middle East, and looks towards future asset optimisation solutions and the key part cutting-edge technology will play in supplying sophisticated condition monitoring support to operators.

This article was published in Pipeline Oil & Gas, March 2021 and kindly replicated here with their permission.