Brownfield solutions

Brownfield solutions


A high reliability of hydrocarbon production and a consistent revenue return on investment are fundamentals for any operator and yet many companies are failing to achieve this for a variety of reasons.

At Proserv, we have identified that almost half of all clients look for alternative solutions due to dissatisfaction with the reliability of their current subsea production control systems. Others are seeking to add new wells or instrumentation to an existing asset, or simply looking to extend field life.

Augmented controls technology (ACT)

Proserv ACT is a simple and cost-effective way to maintain production, without full system replacement. Through our approach we help clients reduce costs, improve reliability, maximize field life and fast track production.

Augmented controls technology is an approach we adopt that involves allowing additional control technologies to be deployed to augment an existing control system and open up a range of opportunities that were previously not available for the client.

When faced with a challenge around equipment reliability, obsolescence or a subsea field upgrade, Operators are typically presented with a solution by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to replace their systems, which is a very expensive exercise and it can also affect production. Proserv is currently challenging the market to think differently here.

A new approach

Rather than discard all the old technology and equipment, not all of which necessarily needs changing, a more cost-effective solution is to work with the current system, selectively removing and replacing the components where change is required, and improving performance overall.

As a result, our message to the market is ‘Don’t think Replacement. Think Co-exist’

Artemis 2G

The Artemis 2G (A2G) subsea electronics module is a next generation subsea controls and communications technology for green and brown field applications, that uniquely frees operators from the constraints of an existing umbilical by finding additional signal capacity to enable a cost-effective field upgrade or extension. Learn more about the A2G here

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