Gilmore engineering has developed a new generation of world-class products that meet, or exceed, operation conditions in the most demanding environments.

Gilmore products are subjected to the most rigorous qualification testing to assimilate a real world operating conditions. This includes contaminated fluid testing; high flow and high shock endurance cycle testing that exceed industry requirements. The result is a very resilient product that is dependable and reliable.

Applications engineering

No one project is ever the same, ever-increasing operating conditions constantly push our valve offering. If the product you search is not within our current offering, our Application Engineers will help create the product you require. Whether it is changing a connection port, orientation of pressure rating or elastomeric materials, we will work closely with you to make sure our product meets your specific project needs.

New product development

Gilmore recognizes the need to be forward thinking, driving through Research and Development to take leaps in technology to bring new and differentiating technologies to the marketplace. Advanced solutions for your most challenging applications. Often these technologies are developed for specific customer requirements that are outside of the ‘normal’.

We encourage you to engage us in the conceptual or pre-FEED stage of your projects. If we do not have the technology today, we will develop it in partnership and provide it in the form of products that solve problems today and into the future.

Gilmore also provides a wide portfolio of field-proven products, and is engaged in continual improvements and updates to these products.


Gilmore has invested in state of the art precision machining centres, including lathes, mills, multi-axis CNCs, and lapping equipment to achieve optimum results during the valve manufacturing process. From the delivery of raw bar stock to the completion of the last machining operation, each Gilmore valve is crafted with precision and complete traceability providing quality assurance to our customers.

Quick response cell

Our state of the art quick response cell is dedicated to on-demand manufacturing of valve components needed to satisfy rig down and emergency repair needs. Utilizing universal machining technology, this manufacturing cell provides turning, milling, and threading within six axis of motion.


Gilmore utilizes a process approach with sound management principles contained in the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers and continually improve our performance.

Our integrated business management system and quality management system consistently provides all products and services to meet customer needs, and applicable environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements. We operate with increased effectiveness and efficiency by maintaining a safe work environment, free of hazards and ecologically friendly.

Our scope of principles of quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) responsibility are included and applied to all aspects of our business activities and endeavours.


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