Optimisation services

Optimisation services


Across the energy industry, equipment and systems are rapidly reaching late life. With industry-wide cuts in capital expenditure, this trend is resulting in more failures, leading to operational inefficiencies.

Proserv’s risk-based asset reliability programme applies to our clients’ pre-installed equipment, new build systems and third party assets. By collaborating, Proserv can provide tailored services for preventative maintenance, helping to minimise operational failure and system downtime.

  • 24/7 international response
  • Experienced crews with the necessary training and documentation
  • Custom fabrication equipment to bend, cone and thread pressure tubing onsite
  • Onsite project surveys to ensure client service needs are price matched
  • Onsite reviews to ensure project completion is timely and satisfactory
  • Aftermarket technical support

Getting the most out of your assets

Unlocking the potential of your assets involves more than electronics and software; it requires a systematic approach that combines proven equipment, collaborative field-management solutions and experienced personnel. We provide a wide range of services to help optimise the lifespan and performance of our clients’ assets to maximise production over the life of a field, at minimal cost. Our global optimisation services team understands the industry and challenges and they help to deliver measurable performance improvements to our clients’ assets worldwide.

Installation and commissioning

We have extensive experience of production equipment installation and commissioning projects across the world.

Proserv provides control system design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. This ranges from conceptual design to fully commissioned installations for a broad range of applications and industries. Our manufacturing facilities work alongside our design, software and communication systems, and installation departments to provide integrated solutions for power distribution, process control and automation requirements.

Proserv employs experienced crews that have worked on production facilities, drilling rigs, refineries and pipelines for over 40 years. Crews are supported by survey specialists, estimators and project managers for worldwide assistance and project completion.

Instrumentation and calibration

We provide a wide range of services to help optimise the lifespan and performance of our clients’ assets to maximise production over the life of a field, at minimal cost. Proserv instrumentation and electrical packages can be delivered from conceptualisation and design through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, or a single standalone service.

Proserv calibration services can be performed for electrical, metrology, temperature and pressure related instrumentation equipment onshore and offshore. Furthermore, we can provide on-site servicing programmes for all our oilfield equipment including re-certification, testing, inspection and repair.

Flushing services

Proserv specialises in new build and aftermarket services of flushing equipment. We also offer a wide range of flushing units and flushing rigs with diesel engine drive and electrical drive options for sale and hire for offshore and onshore use.

Shut down support

Proserv can deliver breakdown, maintenance and shut down service packages to support our customers’ operational requirements on a 24/7 basis.

We specialise in the provision of skilled resources for our customers’ personnel to keep process and controls equipment in excellent working order and ensure facilities remain in a satisfactory operating condition.

Corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion is a natural occurrence, however if not controlled, it can alter equipment to become nonfunctional and ultimately harm entire operations.

Whether it’s onshore or offshore, Proserv provides systems that deliver a prescribed amount of chemicals into the process to high accuracy, through single or multiple injection points. The chemical amounts can be re-adjusted in ‘real time’ to adapt to the flow rate and water content.

Proserv’s comprehensive approach to corrosion monitoring lets clients build custom fit solutions that will enhance field safety and increase production levels.

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