Topside Equipment & Components

Proserv provides highly reliable topside control system equipment and components to improve uptime and minimise maintenance intervals.  Proserv’s team of experienced engineers and technicians understand the complexity of Drilling Operations both onshore and offshore in today’s energy environment.  Extending the life of a rig has become vital to the bottom line for drilling contractors.  The focus on equipment performance optimisation, reliability, economy and product support must be efficient, cost effective and simple.

Our product solutions are field proven and engineered to meet customer specific needs; from specific equipment replacement to performance enhancing requirements and capabilities.

Drilling and Process Control Systems

Proserv’s technical teams have provided operational support on both Drilling and Process Control Systems.  Designing, Fabricating, Installing and Servicing all styles of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical and Electronic control systems from basic pneumatic and direct electrical systems to PLC based fiber optic systems in both repeat and custom designs. Teams can be deployed within 24 hours/7 days a week with the support of survey specialists, estimators and project managers for worldwide assistance and project completion.

Typical equipment we service with the ability to manufacture:

  • FRUs
  • HPUs
  • Diverter Skids and Systems
  • Accumulator Systems
  • Choke and Kill Systems
  • Closing Units
  • Compensating Heave Equipment (Marine Tensioner Riser, CCTLF)
  • BOP Trolley
  • Gas Riser Handling System

Services we offer:

  • Rapid Response Solutions Engineering
  • Piping and Tubing Services
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Services
  • Automation Services
  • Welding Services
  • Flushing Services
  • Cutting Solutions

Hydraulic Power Units

Proserv designs and manufactures an extensive range of Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) to meet client requirements and specifications. Our HPUs are designed to provide a safe and reliable hydraulic supply to a wide range of end-user equipment operating in hazardous environments. HPUs can be used to power everything from a single piece of equipment to multiple hydraulic devices simultaneously or fulfill a complete rig-system solution.

Nitrogen Booster Package Services and Units

Proserv Controls Technicians can be deployed within 24 hours/7 days a week to perform the following services; Low pressure gas reclaim from storage bottles, oxygen boosting, gas pressure and leak testing, accumulator charging, boosting gas pressures from nitrogen or oxygen generators, nitrogen injection for molding machines, breathing air systems for scuba and fire department tanks, leak detection systems and low pressure autoclaves.

We can also design, engineer and build Nitrogen Booster Packages to customer specifications. Carts can provide economical and reliable nitrogen boosting (or other select gases or air) from 500-5,000 psi.


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