Testing, Calibration and Re-certification

The Proserv AIM (Asset Integrity Management) Testing, Calibration, Re-certification Service ensures accurate reliability of your control valve assets to maximise uptime. Proserv offers custom tailored portable and skid mounted testing equipment for purchase or hire to test BOPs, control valves, SPMs and relief valves that support the needs of Drilling Rig Operators in the field.

Also, our factory-trained instrument technicians will work closely with your production, planning, engineering and maintenance teams to provide testing and calibration in-house with the advantage of re-certifying products to the latest engineered design specifications.

BOP Hydrostatic Test Unit

Proserv manufactures high pressure BOP Test Units to customer specifications that allow for multiple configurations useful in testing BOP stacks, choke and kill manifolds and wellheads. Units are available as skid-mounted, unit-mounted and portable with working pressures ranging from 3,000 to 40,000 psi.

Valve Test Unit

Proserv manufactures Control Valve Field Test Units that cover a wide range of valve sizes and types for drilling maintenance operations. The units can be built to customer specifications to allow for the rapid mounting and testing of control valves as they are set to work out in the field. They can be supplied with hydraulic or manual clamping mechanisms to suit any flange design and adapters for threaded or other connections.

SPM Cycle Test Controller

SPM valves have proven to perform with higher reliability subsea due to “burn in” prior to deployment by cycling each valve between 100 and 300 times. Proserv’s Portable SPM Cycle Test Controller allows cycling of a 24vdc relay, monitor and log data from four pressure transducers mounted on a test bench.

Relief Valve Tester

Proserv’s Portable Relief Valve Tester reduces maintenance cost by offering clients the ability to re-calibrate relief valves in the field on the rig instead of hiring a third party to perform this service. Relief Valves should be tested and certified every year to ensure they are functioning and will relieve system pressure at the desired set point.


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