Valve and Component Tracking Management

Proserv’s product line Valve and Component Tracking Management service identifies and maps all directional control valve inventory including new valves and spare parts on each drilling owner’s or operator’s BOP system and drilling platform.  Proserv offers services to support asset integrity management of new valves and spare parts through a Valve stocking and Exchange service and Repair and Maintenance service..

Directional Control Valve Mapping

Proserv Technical Teams conduct site surveys to determine total valve inventory on an operator’s drilling rig or fleet of rigs. Valve part numbers, serial numbers and visual assessment would be catalogued into a database for part tracking management. An Inventory Optimisation blueprint is then prepared and presented to the customer as an integrity management plan for these assets so that BOP system accountability for rig owners and operators improves. Inventory Optimisation allows for auto scheduling of valve maintenance and develops a true reliability life cycle curve by analysing meantime between failure (MTBF). Critical repairs or part replacements become transparent throughout an owner’s or operators fleet, minimizing overall operational costs.

Valve Stocking and Exchange Service

This Proserv service will inventory high demand valves and spare parts for customers at the nearest certified service center to assure product availability so that replacement can be immediate minimising downtime. Returned valves can then be repaired, re-certified and inventoried for the customer’s future needs.

Repair and Maintenance Service

Proserv’s Gilmore After-market Service department provides repair and maintenance service that assures product quality and product reliability to the latest design revision. Customer’s inventoried valves that are outside of warranty can be re-certified for an extended standard warranty therefore maximising initial investment and minimising additional costs on valve replacement. Certified technicians can also be deployed onshore and offshore locations for repair and re-certification.


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