Flushing Services

Proserv offers trained field technicians to perform a variety of filtration and flushing services. Our services are applicable to pre-commissioning of new equipment as well as maintenance or refurbishment of existing equipment that will keep your topside and subsea equipment operating at peak performance, reducing the potential for premature failure.

We provide a variety of diesel-engine drive and electrical drive hydraulic and water based flushing units for long or short term hire.

Flushing Equipment

We provide mobile, general service or zone-rated hydraulic flushing and test rigs applicable for use in offshore installations, petrochemical plants, defense establishments, railways and shipping.  Our flushing rigs have been specifically developed for use with mineral and synthetic oils that support pure flushing or flushing and pressure testing for a wide range of customized high velocity oil flushing, contamination control and oil and fuel purification services.  Our hydraulic oil based and water based flushing units also come equipped with sampling points for on-site oil analysis to test new fluid for cleanliness.  We also offer portable microscope kits and automatic particle counters to verify hydraulic fluid cleanliness. Water based glycol fluid flushing units are available for subsea hydraulic control applications with flow rates from 5-400 litres per minute and Integral test pumps can be provided so clients can pressure test these systems, assuring integrity.

Also, Proserv specialises in manufacturing HPU’s/Flushing units to suit the client’s needs if a more permanent solution is desired.

Pressure Testing Services

Proserv’s team of fully trained and experienced technicians ensure equipment is maintained to the highest possible standard with the appropriate certification.  Our facilities comprise of several internal and external test pits for hydro testing (0 to 40,000 psi) and gas testing (0 to 30,000 psi). We provide clients with safe operating systems for the pressure testing of assemblies and components, and provide remotely controlled test systems allowing hydraulic flushing and testing to be controlled within a safe environment.

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Proserv E-Store is a dedicated website for the rental of production equipment and services. We hold an extensive inventory of general purpose or zone-rated equipment for control, monitoring, measurement and precision services.

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