Welding Services

Proserv provides welding and inspection services to the energy industry worldwide, for both onshore and offshore activities. Proserv offers our customers qualified welders and welding procedures for structural and pressure containing applications to any code or standard.

Crews can be dispatched within 24 hours and perform the work onsite or large scale project work can be performed in-house at one of our many facilities.  Technicians are supported by survey specialists, estimators and project managers for worldwide assistance and project completion.

Welding Capabilities

Proserv technicians are trained and equipped for welding processes SMAW(Stick), GMAW(MIG), FCAW, GTAW(TIG), Orbital GTAW(MIG) and Plasma weld applications for new fabrication, maintenance and weld repair involving a range of materials. MIG and TIG welding processes grant our highly skilled operators greater control for stronger, more consistent welds. TIG and Plasma technologies offer a substantial savings to manufacturers on alloyed metal weld repairs.

Friction Stud Welding

Proserv’s portable Friction Stud welding systems are used for special applications such as welding underwater and welding safely topside in explosive environments. Proserv’s HMS 3000 Friction Welding System is hydraulically powered and controlled via laptop and primarily used for subsea applications such as attachment of anodes on subsea structures, assets, live pipelines and FPSOs. Proserv’s R1004 Friction Welding System is pneumatically powered for topside applications such as attachment of equipment to an offshore platform deck area with M12 studs using a fitted shroud system.


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