Subsea Sampling

Proserv specialises in delivering solutions for subsea sampling, allowing for the capture of high quality, representative samples from any suitable tie-point, which can include subsea well, manifold, or control module, for analysis. This involves either an ROV or diver operated system being deployed from a field support vessel.

Our background to subsea sampling includes engineering design, manufacture and service of both, ROV and Diver operated systems.

We have supplied bespoke systems to major operators, and are also in the rental market for shallow water Diver operated units for periodic use.

These systems can take multiphase or single phase samples, which are then returned to surface for transportation to an onshore lab, or if required and facilities exist, can be tested at site.

“You cannot manage, what you cannot monitor”
To do this effectively and efficiently you need data, and to get the data, you need to take representative samples.

Knowing the chemistry of the system at a particular point, supports and can help provide solutions to numerous areas of the industry

• Controls fluid and Decommissioning system cleanliness can be better understood, by having a sample at source
• Integrity, metering and allocation functions are better supported through knowing the up-to-date pH, CO2 / H2S, VFA’s, salinity, density, and composition from individual wells
• Chemical injection and Flow Assurance treatments can be optimised, new subsea chemicals can be tested with chemical free samples, and system modelling is improved with actual data
• Production and operating efficiency is increased through minimising production deferment, which can take place when samples are needed for seawater breakthrough, chemical residuals, and tracer measurements

The diver system can be quickly and easily re-designed (including diver to ROV set-up if required), to meet client functional requirements & technical specifications including

• Utilising a Closed system which includes slop disposal
• We can allow for chemical back flushing to clean the lines etc
• The system can be manufactured to cover corrosive sour service, if required
• If required we can include the ability to maintain the system above wax appearance temperature
• There is the potential to easily increase the sample and slops volume – using our subsea qualified cylinders

Proserv works in partnership with clients to ensure the design meets the requirements, which could include NACE, TPED, API-6A and API-17D. And in additional to building and manufacturing, Proserv can offer operational and maintenance support, through suitably qualified personnel, to ensure a smooth and continuous operation of the system and equipment throughout its lifetime.


Proserv Subsea Sampling Cylinder – NEWsubsea cylinder colour -small2

The Proserv Subsea Sampling Cylinder (SSC) is the world’s first fully qualified and certified ‘for shipping’ sample cylinder for use in a subsea environment. Operators face increased challenges in maximising production from geographically complex, high pressure and temperature and often remote and inhospitable fields. Proserv’s SSC eliminates the risks associated with handling and transferring samples on the surface, reducing the risk of containment loss and exposure to H2s/CO2 which can present a danger to people and the environment.

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