Survey Services & Acoustic Positioning

Proserv provides a broad range of survey services to the offshore construction industry.

With an experienced team of onshore and offshore survey personnel we provide a comprehensive range of survey capabilities ranging from onshore bid support and project planning through to supply of final survey and positioning deliverables.

Proserv use and support a range of survey and positioning systems, including both our own and industry standard 3rd party systems.

These include:

  • Onshore planning and project management of survey and positioning activities
  • Vessel mobilisation and survey sensor calibrations
  • Multibeam Echosounder seabed survey and mapping
  • Structure installation positioning
  • Pipeline and umbilical installation surveys
  • Spool piece metrology
  • Trenching survey support
  • Delivery of final documentation, data processing and data management
  • Subcontractor scope definition and management
  • Consultancy Services

Positioning Systems

Proserv provides advanced subsea positioning system which combines Long Baseline (LBL) and GPS concepts with the latest generation of signalling technology.  The systems employ a broadcast technique to provide true multi-user, accurate and reliable positioning in all water depths with no acoustic interference.

Products include: NASNet® which offers a range of seabed NASNet® Stations and receivers which can be easily installed to meet any subsea positioning requirement with bespoke applications designed for specific operations;  NASNet® DPR takes the NASNet® concept to provide the ultimate tailored solution for vessel Dynamic Positioning Reference;  NASNet® FPR further enhances the functionality of NASNet® DPR by adding acoustic monitoring and control functions used for tasks such as FPSO positioning, riser and mooring monitoring, subsea data transfer and control of seabed assets as is offered in the NASCoM product range.


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