Platform/Topside Structure Upgrades

A growing proportion of platforms and topside infrastructure is reaching the end of its intended design life. As a result, Proserv’s friction welding technology has become an essential part of many asset owners integrity management programmes.

Proserv’s friction welding technology provides the ability to retrofit galvanic anodes to platforms, FPSOs, subsea infrastructure and pipelines. This innovative technical solution offers asset owners a new alternative to cathodic protection (ICCP) systems and clamps. The same solution is also used to attach acoustic corrosion monitors that enable the condition of the asset to be known and provide data on the performance of the retrofitted anode system.

Friction Welding Applications:

  • Anode attachment in oil storage tanks
  • Brownfield topside structural upgrades and repairs
  • Greenfield modifications – new topside modules on FPSO platforms
  • Attachment of nipples- top taping and salvage
  • Pin hole leak repairs –friction plug welding


What are the benefits of Friction Weldinginset-test

  • Significantly reduced installation costs
  • A fully ROV installed galvanic anode retrofit solution
  • Ability to retrofit discrete sacrificial anodes to in-service FPSO hulls
  • Extremely low resistance and robust connection
  • Extremely low profile termination reducing snag risk
  • No stray currents that could damage electrical equipment and control systems
  • Minimal detrimental effect to the structural integrity of the parent material

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