Chemical Assurance

Chemical Injection is a 24/7 requirement in the oil and gas production process both on and offshore. Various chemicals are used, many in critical applications, to remove formation damage, clean blocked perforations, reduce corrosion, improve crude oil quality and support flow-assurance.

Working in collaboration with Operators up front in the early design phase and anticipating flow-assurance problems over the life of the production asset, Proserv can provide bespoke solutions that enhance field safety, increase production levels and reduce operating expenses.

Our verification and validation systems help prove the effectiveness of chemical management programs and identify necessary changes early, mitigating any serious operational, safety and integrity concerns and potential loss of revenue.

Proserv has been designing and manufacturing chemical injection systems to clients globally for over 40 years. Many of our systems contain smart features including the Proserv ‘Smart Box’, a real-time monitoring solution for evaluating onshore and remote wells in remote sites.
At Proserv, we enable you to bridge the gap between production and safety. You don’t have to choose between the two.

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Proserv E-Store is a dedicated website for the rental of production equipment and services. We hold an extensive inventory of general purpose or zone-rated equipment for control, monitoring, measurement and precision services.

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