Fluid Sampling Services

Proserv specialise in the provision of sampling equipment, systems and bespoke solutions throughout the life of the reservoir from evaluation & appraisal through to decommissioning.

Our expertise is founded on our broad technical knowledge, extensive in-house engineering capability combined with a track record spanning 40 years.

Reservoir Evaluation & Appraisal

To accurately evaluate and appraise a reservoir, high quality Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) fluid samples have to be captured at the wellsite. These samples must be representative of the produced reservoir fluid as decisions on future field development will be made based on the analysed results obtained.

Once captured, the samples are transported to a laboratory where chemical composition and physical properties are measured. This process needs careful management throughout to ensure sample integrity, operator safety and legal compliance.

We specialise in solutions for:

  • Downhole Reservoir Sampling
  • Wellhead Sampling
  • Surface Sampling

Sample Handling Equipment & Transportation

Proserv’s sample heating and transfer equipment ensures that sample quality is not compromised during transfer. Our shipping cylinders transport samples from the field to a laboratory of choice with the correct shipping certification for their destination countries.

We can offer a full range of sampling solutions from sample cylinders to transfer benches to heating jackets and all of our proprietary equipment can be purchased, rented or operated by our expert technicians.

Production Optimisation

To optimise field performance, produced fluids must be monitored to allow operators to make informed decisions on how best to manage their reservoirs.

Proserv specialises in solutions for:

  • Production Monitoring
  • Multi-Phase Flow Through Calibration
  • Flow Assurance
  • Sand Management
  • Reservoir Optimisation
  • Decommissioning

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