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During these difficult times improving operational efficiency is key in adapting to changing conditions. Clients expect to have access to the same services wherever they are; on land, on board a supply vessel, rig or even an oil platform.

At Proserv, we are continually breaking new ground with our R&D to help clients find new, more efficient and cost-effective ways to operate.

“The Proserv Smart Box is a great example of our engineering teams doing what they do best, which is actively seeking new ways in which we can improve the performance and reliability of our clients’ operations.”

The Proserv ‘Smart Box’smartbox

The Proserv ‘Smart Box’ is a real-time monitoring solution to evaluate onshore and offshore wells in remote sites.

Unplanned shutdowns can cost operators up to 1% of total annual production and with the ‘Smart Box’, shutdowns are detected instantly avoiding prolonged production losses and lowering operating costs.

The ‘Smart Box’ is an intelligent device with an inbuilt GSM modem that collects information from production equipment at the well site then transmits alerts to personnel via GSM straight to a mobile device. This ingeniously simple technology solution can be embedded within any of our systems and customized to a client’s exact specification for increased operational efficiency.

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