An Award Winning Approach to Subsea Optimisation

An Award Winning Approach to Subsea Optimisation

Posted: July 17, 2017

Proserv’s Artemis 2G technology, one of the core technologies within our ACT (Augmented Control Technologies) tool kit, won the Subsea UK 2017 Innovation Award based on its ability to help clients reduce costs, improve equipment reliability, maximise field life and fast track production.

At the core of A2G’s development is the growing market need for more cost effective methods of extending field life and optimising production using existing infrastructure.

Ingenious simplicity is at the core of Proserv’s approach. We work with our customers to maximise the use of their existing infrastructure and assets by delivering appropriate products and services specifically developed for marginal and brownfield applications. This drives costs down, while providing the systems to improve operating efficiency and the ability to understand and optimise field and reservoir performance in the short and long term.

Based on newly released market data, the subsea controls markets is estimated to be worth around $70 billion. Continued and reliable production from these assets is of tremendous importance to the operators and the world energy demand.

Market acceptance for A2G and our ACT approach is growing widely and operators are starting to see that by thinking in a smarter way to solve the problem and break away from the notion that all issues require a full system upgrade, they will be able to prosper even in the current economic climate.

CHALLENGE 1: Production Reliability

Poor reliability (electronics failures), poor OEM support, and poor local control of repaired systems is changing subsea control systems from being maintenance free to having planned maintenance regimes at unplanned cost.

Proserv Approach

Proserv offers a proven, highly reliable and obsolescence resilient solution to give the operator a ‘maintenance free’ subsea production control system and deliver uninterrupted production without a full system replacement.


CHALLENGE 2: Obsolescence Support for Extended Life

Often there is insufficient support for aging systems from the OEM. The parts are obsolete and the technology is no longer available.

Proserv Approach

Proserv’s co-exist and retrofit technology enables a well life upgrade path without expensive full system shut downs so maximising the use of existing assets.


CHALLENGE 3: Adding Wells to Brownfield Subsea Systems

To extend existing fields using additional wells requires integration of new equipment with existing technology both subsea and topside, and for aging assets, potentially full system replacement.

Proserv Approach

Our co-exist technology solution enables the seamless integration of both systems, without affecting existing subsea control systems. It also alleviates the need for new umbilicals or existing well controls, and minimises downtime.


CHALLENGE 4 : Additional Instrumentation to Optimise Production

Brownfield upgrades often require additional instrumentation to monitor aging assets (for leakages or vibration) or for production optimization (multiphase flow). Older installed subsea production control systems rarely have the functionality or capability required to support the new monitoring capabilities that exist today.

Proserv Approach

Our technology solution eliminates the need for new umbilical infrastructures, providing the required connectivity and data to maximise production.

The Proserv solution also allows operators options that were never previously available to them and this has been recognised by global operators struggling with technology options for aging assets.


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