Senior Vice President Iain Smith participated in a Subsea Review podcast hosted by OGV Energy and moderated by Subsea UK’s CEO Neil Gordon. The aim of the discussion was to explore how the supply chain within the subsea sector is positioning itself to capitalise on new opportunities in energy markets. If you missed the live broadcast itself, you now have the opportunity to catch up on the full discussion.

Podcast overview

As the blue economy increasingly grows in scale and significance, it brings an ocean full of opportunities for the underwater engineering sector. Forecast to be worth around $3 trillion in the next 10 years it, along with the worldwide move towards energy transition – our green economy – has opened up exciting new prospects for companies agile and willing to consider how their capabilities can be applied across a diverse range of industries.

Technologies and skills which have been developed and refined for decades in the seas around our coast, initially and primarily to service our oil and gas industry, are now employed around the world.

Increasingly in demand in offshore wind, their application is eminently transferrable across all the emerging sectors of the blue economy with diversification opportunities in areas such as defense, floating wind, marine science, and aquaculture.

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