The Benefits of Proserv’s E-Store

The Benefits of Proserv’s E-Store

Posted: June 15, 2018

Proserv recently released the newly enhanced E-Store website, dedicated to the rental and purchase of production equipment and services in both the UK and Scandinavia. We spoke to the Scandinavian Customer Service team about what the E-Store means to them and the business.

Q: What do you enjoy about interacting with our clients on a daily basis?

“I enjoy delivering to our clients on time, and knowing they are happy with our delivery. I hope the E-Store will make it easier for our clients to find exactly what they are looking for.” – Caroline Ravndal, Rental Coordinator

Q What do you think about the release of the new E-Store?

“I think it is great that we now have an E-Store where we can display all of our products. It also has the added bonus of the online chat feature, allowing our customers to interact directly with us. I think it is great that we get to market ourselves directly to customers, and I know this is something our customers have been waiting for us provide.” – Tryggve Skartveit, Rental Manager

Q: What do you think about the level of expertise in the company about the products we have to offer?

“I think the level of expertise we have to offer is what differentiates us from everyone else. Our people have been in Proserv for a long time and they are highly skilled engineers with capacity to work in different areas of the business. This helps us when delivering on short deadlines.” – Stine Selvikvåg, Sales Rental

Q: What do you think the most interesting product we offer is and why?

“I think one of the most interesting products we offer is the frequency controlled chemical injection unit. It is exciting being a part of digitalising the oil industry, and helping to reduce the requirement for personnel offshore. This unit also allows for a better registration of chemicals injected into the well, giving a better understanding of the entire project.” – Stine Selvikvåg, Sales Rental

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