There’s no “typical” engineer – Craig Baxter

There’s no “typical” engineer – Craig Baxter

Posted: February 16, 2018

Craig Baxter, Proserv’s Engineering Manager, shares why he decided to be an engineer as part of Proserv’s continual support of the UK’s Year of Engineering initiative.

While engineering offers vast and varied opportunities, I was drawn into the energy sector through natural progression – from a practical apprenticeship to offshore experience, followed by studies as a mature student alongside my career with Proserv.

Having discovered a talent for Technical Studies at school, I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the British Gas Service Engineer apprenticeship scheme. Upon completion, and gaining some experience as a fully-fledged Service Engineer, I took the opportunity to move into the oil and gas industry as a Wireline Technician. This introduced me to the industry and I was able to use and enhance my existing practical technical skills and knowledge. After a period working offshore, I moved into an onshore Service Technician role with Proserv.

Once I had been at Proserv for a few years, I felt it was a good time to pursue further education. Proserv fully supported my evening studies while working towards gaining my BEng, followed by weekend studies to gain an MBA. Since graduating with my BEng, my career with Proserv has progressed along the engineering route. I have also been fortunate to work within various parts of the company and have had the fantastic opportunity of leading some of our engineering teams.

One great benefit of a career in engineering is the continued learning and development. I also love that we very often start from a scrap of paper before developing designs to the stage of build and test. While engineering is not often an easy career, and can offer many challenges when it comes to education and gaining experience, this is far outweighed by the sense of achievement you get when you see first-hand your products and systems being built, tested and shipped on their first job.

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