Our ethos

At Proserv, we challenge convention in an industry that continues to ‘over-engineer’. ‘Ingenious Simplicity’ is not just our company tag-line, it is an ethos embedded into everything we do and stand for; from the way we approach our design & engineering right through to how we implement our work processes and support the delivery of projects.

From our clients’ viewpoint, it is about being more flexible and responsive to their needs and reducing unnecessary levels of complexity in order to get the job done.

subsea control systems

‘ingenious simplicity’ in action

Hover over each of the sectors in the diagram below to learn more about the tangible value we can bring clients through  ‘ingenious simplicity’ .

How we communicate

We foster a culture of openness and honesty. No bureaucracy, just straight forward and transparent communication, making things happen quickly.

How we manage processes & procedures

Simplicity is at the core. It makes us more efficient so we can pass on this benefit to our clients.

How we operate as teams

We promote teamwork, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best practice. It helps us to get results, faster.

How we approach engineering & R&D

Over-engineering is common place and inefficient. Proserv challenges the norm and specialises in ingenious technology solutions, delivered simply.

How we deliver client projects

What worked before isnu2019t always the optimum solution for today. Is there an alternative solution that would be quicker, more efficient and cost-effective?

How we engage and develop our people

Workforce is engagement is in our DNA.u00a0 To develop our people we cut out all the traditional learning methods and instead adopt a more virtual way of learning that facilitates, supports, engages and encourages learning communities so our people are empowered to grow and be their best.


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