Vision & values

Our VisionVision

At Proserv, our vision is to be the biggest small company in energy technology services.

By this we mean managing the best of a larger company’s organisational structure and resources but with the nimbleness, personal service and level of care of a smaller operation. Businesses, like living things, must grow to thrive and once a business fails to take risks, it fails to adapt. Adaption is the key to success in today’s economy and this is where Proserv thrives.


Guided by a clear set of values, Proserv has a distinctive, delivery-focused culture. At the heart of everything we do, the five Proserv values of teamwork, service, communication, entrepreneurship and right thing, right way, guide our decisions and behaviour. They define who we are, how we operate and what we stand for. They also influence the way we work with each other and serve our clients. Internally, we refer to our values as FRESH.

Forward as a team

Our people are fundamental to the success of our organisation. We create a stimulating and open work culture that encourages personal development. We aim to develop our organisation around a valued and motivated workforce and to attract, develop and retain the best people.

Right thing, right way

At Proserv, we respect the culture, custom and rules of the countries in which we operate. We apply the highest ethical standards to everything we do and we will always strive to do the right thing wherever business takes us.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit enables us to look beyond expected boundaries. We aim to be recognised as experts and pioneers in our field and encourage a culture of open communication and innovation. We continuously seek growth and recognise and reward new ideas and creative thinking.

Serious about service

When a customer buys a product or service from Proserv, they buy a lifetime of support and expertise. We also seek to continually improve the service we provide and try to exceed expectations. Our customers will recognise us for service excellence and commitment to quality.

Help, share and communicate

Leveraging our collective capability is key to our success. We promote teamwork, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and best practice and aim to be open and transparent in everything that we do.


Get in touch

Speak to a member of the Proserv team today to find out how we can help solve your project challenges more efficiently and effectively through the delivery of our ingenious technology solutions.

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