Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

Posted: June 18, 2018

Engineering is everywhere around us – from the pen to the gadgets we use; it is not just about machines and fast moving cars. We can all relate to it and the benefits are clear.

I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at Dubai’s Birla Institute of Science and Technology. I began my career at Proserv Middle East as an intern; after which I was offered a job within the Projects department. Throughout my three years, I have worked on a various projects including chemical injection skids, wellhead control modules, emergency shutdown systems and hydraulic test units.

Engineering is vast and has tremendous scope. The number of women in this field are much less as compared to the men, but there has been a noticeable shift recently. In Asia, around 52% of women are engineering degree holders.

At university level, it is important that women are continually exposed to the ocean of opportunities available in this field to encourage them to go on and use their qualification. By highlighting the fantastic and extremely varied career options available and then providing the necessary training, we can help instill confidence allowing the next generation to progress and succeed as engineers.

For women to firstly choose engineering as their career, a women-friendly work environment and equal job opportunities irrespective of gender are vital areas to address. The potential quality of work delivered should outweigh the factor of gender.

To all the young women out there considering engineering as their career path, I would say there is nothing that we cannot achieve. Embrace the challenges that this opportunistic field offers and you never know where you will end up.

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