Recruitment Scam Warning


Recruitment Scam Warning

It has come to our attention that fraudulent job offer emails/letters have been made by 3rd parties claiming to represent or be affiliated with Proserv.

How to spot a recruitment scam:

  • Being offered a job you did not apply for
  • Being offered a job immediately after sending your CV
  • Employment offers without coming in for a face-to-face interview
  • Requesting personal information. Eg. Passport number and/or bank account details
  • Asking for money as part of the recruitment process/required training/ or for a visa
  • Using an email address that does not an associated email such as a webmail email address
  • Incorrect spelling and grammar
  • Making the recruitment seem rushed and/or urgent.

What should you do if you receive one:

If you are unsure about the authenticity of any communication you receive from Proserv, please contact us immediately at or contact the office in your region.

Please do not reply to the fraudulent email/letter and never hand over any bank information or details.