Subsea sampling

10 subsea sampling systems supplied to international operators and service companies

Subsea sampling


Proserv’s goal is to add value and wealth creation to operators, and support maximising economic recovery with design, manufacture, and application of subsea sampling systems, through provision of sound engineering and production chemistry practices. This is achieved through the provision of solid engineering and production chemistry practices. We ensure you get the right sample, from the right place, with the right equipment.

Subsea sampling – understanding the chemistry

Operators are required to conduct analytical testing for a variety of reasons. This includes establishing a value, a concentration profile or determining local contamination. What is sampled, and the way samples are taken will impact the reason for the analysis. As a result, the significance of the sampling stage cannot be overstated.
If the sample is not representative of the original material, it will not be possible to relate the analytical result measured to the original material, no matter how good the analytical method is or how carefully the analysis is performed.

Proserv works in partnership with clients to design, build, maintain and operate a range of subsea sampling systems to allow for representative subsea sampling.
We specialise in delivering solutions for remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and diver subsea sampling systems, allowing for the capture of representative samples from the subsea tree, pipeline or manifold.

Based on market-leading sampling technology, our subsea sampling cylinder (SSC) is designed and qualified specifically for use in the harsh environments experienced subsea. In addition, the Proserv SSC is certified for shipping, under PED & DOT, therefore eliminating the risks associated with handling and transferring samples to transportation containers.
Designed to meet the stringent requirements of NACE, API-6A and API-17D, Proserv’s subsea sampling system specification can be customised as required to meet the client’s needs.
Our subsea sampling rental units are available for rapid deployment.

The benefit of using the right sampling method is to obtain the right data. Sampling allows an opinion to be derived through enhanced understanding of the chemistry at source. Subsea sampling can provide a range of insights on the following:

• Chemical optimisation
• Reservoir management
• Allocation and metering
• Leak rate determination
• Scale squeeze and pigging

Operationally, subsea sampling increases production efficiency over other sampling methods, as it removes the requirement for shutting-in wells.


We provide subsea sampling solutions that support:
• Integrity
• Umbilical controls
• Decommissioning
• Chemical injection
• Flow assurance issues
• Metering and allocation
• Minimise production deferment

With expertise in engineering and production chemistry, we understand the considerations required ahead of taking a sample and will advise accordingly:
• Slops handling
• System control & sensors
• Sample collection cylinders
• Isothermal & isobaric sampling
• Phase biased sampling and enrichment
• System deployment, connection and disconnection

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